Down To My Last Bad Habit (Vinyl)


Ships on: June 26, 2024

Down To My Last Bad Habit is the 14th studio album from Vince Gill, released in 2016 on his longterm label MCA Records Nashville. The album includes backing vocal guest appearances from Little Big Town, Cam, Allison Krauss, and Charlie Worsham among others.

  1. Reasons for the Tears I Cry
  2. Down to My Last Bad Habit
  3. Me and My Girl
  4. Like My Daddy Did
  5. Make You Feel Real Good
  6. I Can't Do This
  7. My Favorite Movie
  8. One More Mistake I Make (featuring Chris Botti)
  9. Take Me Down (featuring Little Big Town)
  10. I'll Be Waiting for You (featuring Cam)
  11. When It's Love
  12. Sad One Comin' On (A Song For George Jones)